Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Order Through Facebook/WhatsApp /Instagram?

For Delivery, Please Give Us Email Address, Phone Number, Area Name, Delivery time

What Is Your WhatsApp Number?

Our WhatsApp Number are (+974 ) 5588 6628

Why I Need to Give Email While I Am Ordering Through WhatsApp/Facebook?

we have upgraded our system for fast delivery and contactless order process you will get email notification about order processing and invoice if you do not have email, we can also proceed the order without email

Is this Product Original?

Dragonmart Qatar Online Shop only selling products directly source form manufacturer or authorized disturber, until now all our products 100% Imported by us.

When Is the Delivery ?

After confirming your order with all your details. within 24 to 72 hours order will be delivered. Delivery is flexible time (morning or evening you can choice) no fixed time because delivery is delivered by delivery company.

Free or Paid Delivery?

Free Delivery on orders over 99 QAR inside Doha

* more details please check this page :

If I Placed an Order, What Is My Order Status?

Normally we do delivery by 72 hours, if it’s not delivered you can contact our customer service